If you don’t know, or haven’t quiet noticed, there are a lot of people in this world that need help. Many of us pray to God for this and that and we expect to be given what we ask for. For some people their only prayer to God is that they can clothe their babies.

At the Waterbury church of Christ, we are blessed to be able to give to those who are in need, as we find it an absolute privilege and honor to help God’s children.

“These aren’t some nice little Easter-basket-sized donations. We’re talking four laundry baskets per week filled with new and good-quality used clothing – five to six outfits for each season, so the baby has enough clothes to last a year.

But there’s room in those baskets for even more, said Tina Sanzone, the church member who’s in charge of the project. The baskets also include toiletries, diapers, homemade or store-bought crib blankets and booties, baby bottles, small toys, baby books, stuffed animals, lotion, powder, wipes, snowsuits and bibs.

If you have any of the items that are listed on the right hand side of this website and would care to donate them to some disadvantaged parents please contact us on our contact form or call @ 203-879-7789.